Mark 16:15 Ministries


A Ministry begun in the late 1970s by faith and prayer. Formally launched in 1999. Bringing decades of experience working with God from street evangelism, prison Chaplaincy and teaching.


 We Believe God is alive and works through faith in His                Word.

        We Believe God answers prayer.

           We Believe in a changed life by faith in Christ.

             We Believe in the moving of the Holy Spirit during ministry.

               We Believe in change after being in God's presence.


        Africa: Glorious Future Worship Centre, Nigeria


        USA: Mark 16:15 Ministries, PO Box 251, Gowanda NY 14070


        NY: Java Village Baptist Church -Java Village NY


         Jesus Name Ministries


                     Apostolic, Dispensational, Grace-oriented.      


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