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Global Outreach Biblical Ministry


Several international ministries have taken our name and website information and now use it for themselves. If you see other ministries on the web called Mark 16:15 Ministries be aware they are not affiliated with us. 


Our Calling...


Reaching the Unreached. Bringing Hope. 


A Ministry of Compassion. Birthed by Pentecostal experience.


Grounded in the Bible. 


Nurtured by years of street ministry, Chaplaincy and Pastoral care.


A ministry of teaching, preaching, healing and prophecy.


We pray for needs. When God provides faith...we see  answers.


Reverend Jan Michael Nace, ThD


We believe all things are possible when God provides faith. 


Serving overseas ministries.

Serving Java Village Baptist Church (

Serving local communities. 








Mark 16:15 Ministries

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Mark 16:15 Ministries

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